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taff 2012

Type: Program branding design / Client: ProSieben / Agency: Creative Solutions / Date: April 2012

Redesign of taff - a daily, live broadcasted, boulevard and life style magazine on German free TV channel ProSieben.

Based on a subtle logo facelift I developed a modular design system which structures the show and gives it an unique look. The design is scaleable on the various needs the show offers. It is suitable for regular shows, the many sub-sections as well as for specials and the screen-loops of the studio.

The guiding theme of the new design is the playful handling of light, reflexions and refractions. Glowing glass cubes are the continuous element in all fields of applications. The - in this manner - established spatial/architectural style can of course also be found in the new studio. Thus the on-air design, the screen-loops of the studio, as well as the studio itself result in a rounded overall picture.

While the regular taff design uses mainly yellow and orange tones, the paint pot is opened for sub-rubrics. The variety of forms and colors breathe life into the show and generate a strong corporate identity. Everything looks like taff at first sight.


  • Concept, Design, Art Direction & Animation of the on-air elements as well as the studio backgrounds: Florian Hausberger
  • © Creative Solutions, ProSiebenSat.1



  • PromaxBDA 2013 Global Excellence Awards, Finalist in the category ART DIRECTION & DESIGN: NEWS PROGRAM PROMOTION PACKAGE

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