On and on...

life goes on

Type: Animated short / Client: Personal / Agency: Personal / Date: March 2005

The short film life goes on tells a story about life. The transience of today's fast-moving times is depicted through the developments of the main character.

As he grows up, the world around him also experiences changes. Everything evolves faster and faster and becomes even more chaotic. But this ever rapidly evolving world is doomed to ultimate collapse. The end is near, but so, too, a new beginning.


  • Concept, Design, Animation & Sounddesign: Florian Hausberger
  • © Florian Hausberger



  • propeller TV - SKY channel 195, Ausstrahlung, Großbritannien;
  • Mauerstreifen-Straßenfilm Festival, Nominierung, Leipzig;
  • SidewalkCINEMA 06, Nominierung, Wien;
  • Super Shorts Film Festival, Nominierung, London;
  • Okto, Ausstrahlung, Österreich;
  • Emerge And See, Nominierung, London 06;
  • Naoussa Filmfestival, Nominierung, Griechenland;
  • Vienna Independent Shorts 06, Nominierung, Wien;
  • Netd@ys Austria young creativity award, Nominierung, Salzburg;
  • ORF, Ausstrahlung;
  • Diagonale 06, Nominierung, Graz;
  • Emerge And See, Nominierung, Berlin 06;
  • Shorts on Screen 06, Landessieg Tirol;
  • film:riss 05, Nominierung, Salzburg;
  • Emerge And See, Aufnahme auf die EAS-DVD 06;
  • Media Gala 05, Nominierung, Hagenberg

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