Pro + Contra

Type: Program branding design / for: Puls 4 / commissioned by: Puls 4 / Date: May 2023

New motion branding and packaging design for Pro + Contra (Pros and cons) - the news talk on Austrian TV channel PULS 4. Every week well-known personalities discuss captivating, interesting and controversial topics.

Commissioned by PULS 4, I developed a design concept that visualizes the basic idea of the show. At the center stands a new logo, which consists of two opposing arrows representing supportive and opposing arguments. These arrows ultimately merge into a plus sign, symbolizing a discussion.

Based on the logo, I designed and animated the entire motion package for the show - including openings, lower thirds, inserts, panels, various background loops, social media elements, etc. The final design package was then produced in-house, expanded to include also a new studio setup and finally launched in early 2024.

Look & Feel
My role
  • Concept, logo, design and animation
  • commissioned by: Puls 4
  • for: Puls 4
  • Art director @Puls4: Martin Härtlein