Type: Branding design / Client: Seven.One / Agency: thefinest & Florian Hausberger Studio / Date: June 2023

Since June 19, 2023, German TV channels ProSieben, SAT.1 and Kabel Eins concentrate their information and news competencies under the new brand :newstime. All news programs of the TV stations as well as all digital news activities and those on the streaming platform Joyn are now bundled under the same name.

Together with my good friends from thefinest we were invited by Seven.One Entertrainment Group to participate in the pitch for the brand and design development. We came up with a sophisticated, modular concept and were able to assert ourselves against the competitors.

The basic idea was to build the whole design system around the name "newstime". We introduced a colon, which is universally known for it’s use to separate hours and minutes in the display of time. At the same time a colon also announces a statement, a message or a "news". Thus the ":" symbolically stands for both news and time. The colon cleverly condenses our conceptual approach into a simple punctuation mark that serves as a visual anchor for the entire design.

The new brand relies on proven “news” principles and at the same time appears modern and innovative. In keeping with the theme, but also to give the appearance a fresh touch, we introduced a bluish color scheme. Also our key visual motif awakens news associations at first glance. The globe is made up of dots to create a logical connection to the colon and to establish a unique and technical look and feel. The dots symbolize places where news arise. Through condensations, changes in size, luminosity and position the surface is brought to life.

Starting with the brand development, colors, typography, the formal language and the key visual we developed a comprehensive design package for all the relevant touchpoints: various branding animations, intros, transitions, info graphics, inserts, icons, studio backgrounds, social media templates, print ads, and so on.

Take a look!

Keyvisual & Packaging
Virtual studio (physical set still to come)
Info design
And more
  • Idea, concept, logo, design, 2d-/3d-setups, animation, compositing, templates, coding and art direction: Stefan Pumberger, Denise Pumberger and Florian Hausberger
  • Set design: Wieder Design
  • Creative direction @Seven.One: Michael Sundermann
  • Art direction @Seven.One: Viola Herrmann and André Otto
  • Sounddesign @Seven.One: Paul Taylor
  • Marketing & operations @Seven.One: Judith Proba, Benedikt Lemsky, Jutta Meyer
  • Project management @Seven.One: Bekee Reinkober
  • 25th International Eyes & Ears Awards 2023, Silver for BEST DESIGN FOR INFORMATION / NEWS
  • 25th International Eyes & Ears Awards 2023, Bronze for BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC