It's a girl's world

It's a M├Ądels World

Type: Image campaign / for: sixx / commissioned by: Seven.One Entertainment Group / Date: March 2022

Tune-in campaign for German free TV channel sixx presenting all the program highlights the channel has to offer. Targeted on a mainly female audience the campaign features flying girls that dive into various "genre worlds" and snippets from corresponding show highlights. Extending the main spots the campaign is completed with several station idents and bumpers.

It's a girl's world!

Stills from the campaign


My role:

  • Concept, visuals, design, animation, vfx, post production and art direction
  • commissioned by: Seven.One Entertainment Group
  • for: sixx


  • Concept: together with Manuela Radelsberger (
  • Shooting direction: Renato Novakovic
  • DOP: Florian Langanke
  • Grading: Manuel Lebelt (Scanwerk)
  • Art direction @Seven.One: Verena Schuster
  • Editing @Seven.One: Daniela Linse
  • Sound design @Seven.One: Paul Taylor
  • Project management @Svene.One: Petra Ruoss
  • Marketing @Seven.One: Andrea Fuchs und Benedikt Lemsky


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