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Type: Design package / for: ran / commissioned by: Creative Solutions ProSiebenSat.1 / Date: July 2019

ran is the superordinate sports brand of German TV-network ProSiebenSat.1. All sports activities shown on it’s platforms and TV-channels (ProSieben, Sat.1, ProSieben Maxx and kabel eins) are pooled under this roof.

Based on the preexisting logo I was commissioned to develop a new logo-system and a corresponding brand identity. The design should strengthen ran and at the same time be individually adaptable for each specific sporting activity (e.g. Football, Beach-Volleyball, Soccer, Racing, Boxing, …)



German national soccer U21 team

Logo system


My role:

  • Concept & style development, logo-system, animations, graphics, key visuals, edit and compositing
  • commissioned by: Creative Solutions ProSiebenSat.1
  • for: ran


  • Art direction @Creative Sulotions: Sebastian von Wyschetzki
  • Music and sound design: Boris Breitenreicher


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