Rethinking banking

comdirect Corporate Motion

Type: Corporate Motion Identity / for: comdirect / commissioned by: Kays Khalil Motion Design / Date: March 2019

Corporate motion design for German comdirect bank.
Commissioned by Kays Khalil Motion Design I developed an extensive branding system and implemented various cases: intros and animations, keynote slides, press conference assets, banners, postings, sponsoring spots, etc.

Brand system

Compositions / Slides / Keynote (excerpt)

Digital / Banner / Postings (excerpt)

Volleyball sponsoring (excerpt)

My role:

  • Concept & style development, design and animation
  • commissioned by: Kays Khalil Motion Design
  • for: comdirect


  • Art direction @Kays Khalil Motion Design: Kays Khalil
  • Music and sound design: Andreas Toma
  • Producer @Kays Khalil Motion Design: Stafanie Voß


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