Type: Program branding design / for: ZDF / commissioned by: feedmee Design GmbH / Date: April 2018

Program branding design for auslands journal on German public TV-channel ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen. The weekly magazine reports on relevant events happening abroad.

Styleframes/Storyboard opening
Styleframes/Storyboard extra opening
Styleframes localization
Studio simulation
Styleframes inserts
My role
  • Concept and design (logo, openings/intros, localizations, studio-projections and inserts)
  • commissioned by: feedmee Design GmbH
  • for: ZDF
  • Creative director @feedmee: Susanne Frericks
  • Producer @feedmee: Jennifer Feist
  • 21st International Eyes & Ears Awards 2019, 3. Prize for BEST INFORMATION OR NEWS DESIGN