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Type: Image campaign / Client: sixx / Agency: Creative Solutions / Date: August 2014

New image- or let's bettet call it "primage"-campaign for female TV channel sixx.

Our goal was to create something cool, fresh and fun for little money. Simple and effective ;) To show the wide variety of popular charactres, the channel has to offer, we took them out of their natural surroundings and put them on our sixx stage.


  • Concept: Niels Müller, Maria Holzmann, Florian Hausberger
  • Design: Kays Khalil
  • Edit: Maria Holzmann, Veronika Mücher
  • Sound Design, Composition: Paul Taylor
  • Art Direction: Florian Hausberger
  • © Creative Solutions



  • 17th International Eyes & Ears Awards 2015, Gold for BEST B2B SPOT
  • 17th International Eyes & Ears Awards 2015, Silver for BEST PROMOTION-RELATED MUSICAL COMPOSITION

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